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In-principle agreement on streetlights

Local Government Association delegates have given in-principle support to a negotiated agreement to issues around streetlight ownership in the Northern Territory.

Over the past three months a Streetlight Review Committee with representatives from local government, the Northern Territory Government and Power and Water, has been working towards common ground on Northern Territory’s street-light ownership.

Power and Water had proposed moving street-light charges to a more economic footing by unbundling the energy use, operation, repairs and maintenance and capital charge components. This would transfer ownership and responsibility of streetlights from PWC to local government and bring with it costs estimated in excess of $12 million.

The Streetlight Review Committee agreed that councils should take ownership of the streetlights associated with the local roads they manage from 1 January 2018 and that Power and Water’s capital charges will be waived.

By 1 July 2016, agreement on a Transfer Deed transferring ownership of streetlight assets will have been reached between Power and Water and affected councils.

Other key points include:

* Power and Water will continue to replace individual streetlights and charge councils for services provided

* Power and Water will continue to provide streetlight repairs and maintenance to each relevant local council until 31 December 2017 free of payment

* Councils will work with Power and Water to develop binding agreements formalising ownership of streetlight assets from 1 January 2018

“LGANT delegates provided in-principle support to the Streetlight Review Committee’s recommendations at today’s general meeting in Jabiru,” says LGANT President Damien Ryan.

“This agreement provides certainty around streetlight ownership and operations into the future and removes the threat that local government would be responsible for millions of dollars in back payments that would have been a huge burden on individual councils.

“LGANT will continue to provide support to member councils as they work towards finalising agreements into the future.”

Damien Ryan, President

Local Government Association of the Northern Territory

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