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The Northern Territory Government will adopt a LGANT proposal to establish a high-level working group to resolve issues around street lighting.

The decision was made last week during a productive meeting involving LGANT, City of Darwin, City of Palmerston, Alice Springs Town Council, Litchfield Council, Katherine Town Council, Chief Minister Adam Giles and Treasurer David Tollner.

The various parties were able to work through some of the many issues that have been of concern to local government in the Northern Territory since Power and Water Corporation first proposed transferring ownership of street lighting.

The working group will scrutinese proposed PWC street-light charges, examine issues around street-lighting ownership and propose a methodology for the future delivery of street-lighting services.

Local Government’s two representatives on the working group are City of Darwin’s Brendan Dowd and City of Palmerston’s Ben Dornier. Power and Water Corporation’s chief executive Michael Thomson and Tony Musumeci from Treasurer Tollner’s office will represent Government and Nathan Barrett MLA, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Business, has been appointed chair.

The working group is expected to take six months to report. The first meeting took place in late January.

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