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Over the coming weeks most councils will be asked to provide input into the draft service level agreement (‘the draft agreement’) that the Power and Water Corporation is proposing in respect of street lighting charges that are to apply from 1 July 2014.   It is quite a change to the current charging arrangements and even though LGANT has put a submission to the Utilities Commission for a reduction in them there is still work to do on the draft agreement.  LGANT will be calling upon the expertise within councils to assist in negotiations but it also wants all councils to make sure they have their say on the draft agreement.  While the greatest impacts fall upon municipal councils (because they have the most street lights) most regional councils will also be affected.

The timing of these arrangements is important as all councils should now be formulating their annual budgets and the impact of these charges will have to be incorporated into them.  I look forward to all councils providing their support and engagement in this process.

Damien Ryan, President