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The Australian Local Government Association’s Financial Assistance Grants (FAGs) campaign to maintain and restore indexation of the grants is gaining momentum across Australia. Many of our councils in the Northern Territory have passed a resolution acknowledging the importance of FAGs in facilitating the delivery of essential services for their communities. I encourage all Northern Territory councils that have not yet passed a resolution on FAGs to do so as this is an important issue for the local government sector and its long term financial sustainability. If you need assistance please contact the LGANT office.

The Northern Territory Government recently introduced a three year program of having Department Chief Executives (or senior officers) as community champions for 13 communities across regional areas of the Northern Territory. Working with your community champion will provide an improved level of engagement between government, the public service and remote communities. The emphasis of the program is on economic and business development support. I encourage our regional councils to take advantage of this and support their community champion as it is sure to benefit your region.

Seniors Month is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the contribution of our older Territorians. I look forward to hosting a morning tea for seniors and also our iconic ‘Senior’s Still Got Talent’ event. To find out what’s on in your area ring your local council or visit

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