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Congratulations to Cr Greg Sharman from MacDonnell Regional Council on being appointed to the Executive. Cr Sharman will be a great addition and means there is more representation on the Executive from the southern region of the Northern Territory. We look forward to collaborating with him. I’d like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Lynette De Santis for her contribution to the Executive during her tenure.

As part of our Local Government Excellence Project, David Jan, Ginny Rabeling and Angela Pattison have been busy going out to the local authorities to improve their skills and knowledge. Training has included chairing meetings, reading financial statements, roles and responsibilities, Code of Conduct, separation of powers, and an overview of local government. So far they have been to the majority of the local authorities in the West Arnhem region and started training all the Chairs in Barkly and MacDonnell regions. It is really important that we do everything we can to help improve the members’ understanding of local government and what they are required to do as it will lead to more effective governance in our remote areas. I think they are doing a fantastic job and thank the Department for funding this project.

Damien Ryan

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Review of Local Government Act

The Department of Local Government and Regions is reviewing the Local Government Act.

The legislation has been operating for over six years and it is time to review the Act to ensure the legislation is effective and up-to-date. This will in turn ensure that the legislation underpinning local government is working effectively for the benefit of local people and the sector generally.

The department will establish a working party to assist in the review. The working party will include representatives from the LGANT, the local government sector and the department.


The general public, local government sector, land councils and other industry sectors are encouraged to provide written submissions or suggestions.

Submissions are welcome up to 30 April 2015.

How can I make a contribution?

Please send submissions or suggestions to or:

Manager Projects
Legislation and Policy Division
Department of Local Government and Regions
GPO Box 4621