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I’m pleased to say the LGANT Executive met recently and passed a number of motions including ones on the Strategic Plan and its budget. Our Strategic Plan is very important as it is the agreed direction that the organisation is heading and its priorities. With regard to the budget, there was much discussion, it was noted that the overall increase to LGANT in council subscriptions was less than 1% due to the 10% capping on council revenues.

This Executive Meeting was a fruitful one as we also discussed a number of issues such as our draft submission on the Cemeteries Act. Members requested that LGANT submit a letter to the Minister outlining the size of communities and the issues that local government face running morgues. We will be discussing this further in a future meeting. We also discussed the review of the Local Government Act. We agreed that LGANT CEO Tony Tapsell will be our representative on the NT Government working party.

Meanwhile Tony recently went to the ALGA Strategic Planning Meeting in Canberra with Vice Presidents Tony Jack and Jeanette Anictomatis. This is where they discussed national priorities for local government and a report on this meeting will be distributed.

As you would be aware, Litchfield Council and Tiwi Regional Council have been suspended. We are working with both councils and the Department to resolve their issues. We have recruited governance trainers to help put in place stronger and improved governance and compliance practices across the Territory.

Damien Ryan, LGANT President

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Review of Local Government Act

The Department of Local Government and Regions is reviewing the Local Government Act.

The legislation has been operating for over six years and it is time to review the Act to ensure the legislation is effective and up-to-date. This will in turn ensure that the legislation underpinning local government is working effectively for the benefit of local people and the sector generally.

The department will establish a working party to assist in the review. The working party will include representatives from the LGANT, the local government sector and the department.


The general public, local government sector, land councils and other industry sectors are encouraged to provide written submissions or suggestions.

Submissions are welcome up to 30 April 2015.

How can I make a contribution?

Please send submissions or suggestions to or:

Manager Projects
Legislation and Policy Division
Department of Local Government and Regions
GPO Box 4621