Australian Local Government Association

The Local Government Association of the Northern Territory (LGANT) along with other State Local Government Associations and the ACT Government, make up the membership of the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA).

LGANT has two Executive members, President Damien Ryan and Vice President Lothar Siebert, who are on the ALGA Board of Directors and they attend all ALGA events and meetings.

ALGA is a company limited by guarantee and the liability of members is limited as provided in its constitution.

ALGA Vision

Local Government is an integral partner in the governing framework of Australia: efficient; democratic; fairly funded; fairly treated and formally recognised in the Australian Constitution.

The Australian Local Government Association is the focused, influential and representative voice of Local Government, supporting State and Territory Associations in delivering sustainable Local Government in the interests of the local community.

Local Government is entrenched as an important part of the national agenda.

ALGA Mission

To forge improvements for Local Government across Australia by representing the agreed position of Local Government member associations at the national and international level.

ALGA Objectives

For the benefit of communities across Australia, the Australian Local Government Association aims to:

  • Strengthen Local Government
  • Protect the interests of Local Government
  • Promote efficient, responsible and transparent Local Government processes
  • Encourage the participation of¬†the Australian community¬†in Local Government.

ALGA Core Priority Areas for Action:

  1. Local government finances
  2. Roads, transport and other infrastructure
  3. Improving the natural and built environment
  4. Regional equity and regional development
  5. Community resilience and sustainability
  6. Collaboration and connectivity including technology
  7. Whole of government collaboration
  8. Strengthening democratic processes.

For further information on ALGA visit their website