A note from our President

Over the course of this financial year, all councils will need to become familiar with the Commonwealth’s new National Housing Finance and Investment Corporation (the Corporation) which is being established.

From 1 July 2018, the Corporation will offer states and territories financial options for road infrastructure that supports and speeds up the development of more new housing. Finances will be channelled through the NT Government and made available in the form of concessional loans, grants equity and other finance options. Local government may benefit from gaining access to this.

Local government will have to work closely with the NT Government to ensure the Territory obtains its fair share of the finances on offer. Accelerating the supply of housing will be beneficial for all communities, particularly those in dire need of an investment boost to overcome homelessness, overcrowding or just a shortage of housing accommodation.

LGANT will continue to monitor progress of the Corporation’s development with a view to possibly having representatives address delegates at the April 2018 general meeting.

Damien Ryan, President

Local Government Association of the Northern Territory

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