LGANT supports the use of electronic voting for councils during the current term of office with a view of having the full use of online voting and counting of votes for the 2021 council general elections.

LGANT supports expenses incurred by candidates in Local Government elections should be tax deductible on the same basis as those of candidates in State and Commonwealth elections.

LGANT is also involved in potential candidate information sessions prior to local government elections in order to ensure there is an understanding of the role and responsibilities of council, the elected member, and the local government sector.


LGANT supports the Northern Territory Electoral Commission (NTEC) to enter into service level agreements and election plans with councils for their general elections. It also supports councils completing their own electoral representation review collectively with input from the NTEC.

Visit the Northern Territory Electoral Commission website for further information.






As well as the ‘Why Council? Stand up for your Community‘ publication for those who are interested in nominating for council in the August 2017 Local Government Elections,  LGANT has also produced a video production of the Why Council? Stand up for your community candidate information sessions which have been delivered within council regions over the past few months.

Due to firewall protections in place, Government employees may wish to access and download the link external to government websites.

Access this video on the below link or video icon.

Contact info@lgant.asn.au or 89 44 9674 if you have difficulties watching the below information video.

Why Council? Stand up for your community Candidate Information Video


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