Subdivisional Guidelines for Local Government in the Northern Territory


For many years there have been a number of examples of ad hoc planning and substandard design resulting in inferior construction throughout the Northern Territory. This has placed a financial burden on local government.

The following guidelines are provided as information to subdividers of land in the Northern Territory wherever assets are to be handed over to a local government authority (hereafter referred to as ‘Council’) for it to maintain.

These guidelines represent minimum standards acceptable to council for the planning and layout of a new development as well as the design and construction of roads, stormwater drainage, street lighting, footpaths, driveways, open space, landscaping and ancillary items.

They are not intended to remove responsibility from or limit the creativity of the planning, engineering and construction professionals engaged in the development of subdivision proposals. Rather, these guidelines shall be employed as a common reference from which mutually recognised and current standards of work and procedures can be applied.

These guidelines and the Australian Standards are subject to regular review – hence it is important to confirm this edition remains current prior to applying these guidelines for a subdivision development proposal.

The guidelines which follow are those applicable to the subdivision layout as well as the physical infrastructure relating to roads, footpaths, driveways, verge areas, stormwater drainage, street lighting, open space and landscaping which are the responsibility of the councils.

It is necessary that all developers read these guidelines in their entirety prior to submitting a proposal for a new development.

LGANT acknowledges the financial support received from the Northern Territory Government to produce these guidelines.

The Association appreciates the work of the Guidelines Reference Group: Peter Mclinden, Local Government Association of the Northern Territory, Alex Douglas, West Arhnem Shire Council, Ted Vivian, City of Palmerston, Tim Day, Central Desert Shire Council, Errol Montorio and Cardno (NT) Pty Ltd.



Subdivisional Guidelines (1.7 MiB)


Annex A - Site Analysis (270.3 KiB)

Annex B - Design Standards (2.7 MiB)

Annex C - Standard Drawings (136.1 KiB)

Annex D - Standard Forms (1.4 MiB)

Annex E - Road Hierarchy (270.8 KiB)

Annex F - Council Policies (206.2 KiB)

Annex G - Fees & Charges (318.0 KiB)

Annex H - Approved Street Tree List (252.3 KiB)

Annex I - Environmental Considerations (154.9 KiB)

Annex J - Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (910.8 KiB)

Annex K - Standards for Purchasing Container-Grown Landscape (183.0 KiB)

Annex L - Commentary (140.8 KiB)