Natural Resource Management

“Natural Resource Management”, or NRM, is the process by which we protect our environmental assets, or our Natural Resources.

Local government has a direct role in NRM through services such as weed control, fire mitigation, dog control, feral animal control and waste management. Local government may also have an NRM role in tourism, regional development and indigenous employment. Often the NRM activities of councils overlap or complement the activities of other natural resource managers, and often require collaboration with other stakeholders.

Funding and coordination of NRM activities in the NT are provided by Territory NRM (TNRM).  TNRM have reviewed their  Integrated Natural Resource Management Plan, a document which guides investment in NRM across the NT. LGANT prepared a local government position paper for consideration by TNRM in the review of their plan. You can download the Local Government Position Paper below:

Local Government Position Paper - Submission on the INRM Plan Review (290.8 KiB)

. You can view the reviewed INRM plan and find out more about funding and strategic opportunities at the TNRM website

Funding of NRM activities from the Australian Government is directed through the Caring for Our Country (CFoC) Program. This program is being extended until 2016. For more information about CFoC go to the Australian Government NRM website: