LGANT provides a range of support services to its member councils to ensure they have access to a wide range of advice and resources when dealing with their most important asset – their people.

Through working with member council managers and elected members, LGANT will:

  • facilitate and advise on senior management performance reviews
  • assist with change management processes
  • provide access to high quality industrial relations support
  • assess and develop organisational reviews
  • design and assess the work value of position descriptions
  • provide access to relevant contacts and resources
  • enable networking opportunities for sharing and capacity development
  • facilitate Reference Groups and sector-wide input into policy and decision making
  • assist with strategic planning and project management
  • advocacy and representation at the national level.

LGANT values working collaboratively with all members to ensure the local government sector in the Northern Territory is strong, accountable and is regarded as a great sector to work with.