Industrial Relations

LGANT has a formal memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Employee Relations arm of the Western Australian Local Government Association (WALGA).

This MoU is recognised by both WALGA and LGANT as being to the mutual benefit of their respective members, who have a commonality of interest in providing high quality industrial relations and human resource management services to Local Governments.

WALGA provides to LGANT members the following services:

  • An Award maintenance service for the federal Local Government Industry Award 2010;
  • Information on rates of pay and conditions of employment;
  • Participation in industrial activities that affect Local Government in general including reviews of the Local Government Industry Award 2010;
  • Provision of advice on any issue that can be conveyed in any form (eg employment issues and law, unfair dismissal claims, changes in employment legislation etc.);
  • Surveys on remuneration and conditions of employment paid by NT Councils;
  • Distribution of Employee Relations Alerts on general advice;
  • Access to industrial relations and human resource management sites within the WALGA Employee Relations website;
  • A dedicated telephone number (1300 366 956) to provide easy access for LGANT members;
  • Advice, Advocacy and Representation for all work involved following the lodgement of matters in the Fair Work Commission, or any other related or similar Tribunal; and

WALGA also provide Workplace Relations and other training as per any Agreement relating to training between WALGA and LGANT which exists at the time.

To read more about WALGA’s Workplace Solutions, visit the website:

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Other useful websites:

Ombudsman for the Northern Territory:

The Ombudsman for the Northern Territory provides assistance to agencies to establish, review or evaluate their own complaint handling processes.

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The NT Anti-Discrimination Commission

The Anti-Discrimination Act (the Act), and therefore the Anti-Discrimination Commission (ADC), promotes recognition and acceptance of the right to equality of opportunity of persons regardless of an attribute to eliminate discrimination on the basis of an attribute and to eliminate sexual harassment.

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Current Northern Territory Legislation data base

The repository of all current NT Legislation.

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