Policy Statements

LGANT develops policy statements on behalf of its members setting the sector-wide stance on a variety of issues.

LGANT 2016 Election Submission and responses

Local Government, through its peak body, LGANT, sought commitments from political parties and independent candidates leading up to the 27 August Northern Territory election.

LGANT’s Election Submission was sent to all major parties and the independents in the months leading up to the poll.

The commitments councils are seeking fall into three broad categories:

  • to grow and support local government both generally and constitutionally
  • improving local government finances
  • forming partnerships to work better together.

Key issues include street lighting, remote morgues, roads and infrastructure, waste management and remote housing.

The election submission and responses are below.

LGANT 2016 Northern Territory Election Submission


LGANT 2016 NT Election Submission CLP response


LGANT 2016 NT Election Submission Labor response


LGANT 2016 Election Submission Kezia Purick response