• Hosting a twice yearly General Meeting for members’ input into policy, decision making, networking and information sharing.
  • Hosting a monthly Executive Meeting for policy and decisions.
  • Facilitating regular CEO Forums for updates on current issues, legislative change, policy formulation and collaborative effort.
  • Hosting a twice yearly Conference with keynote speakers, addressing current issues for local government.
  • Facilitating coordination amongst councils through Reference Groups who provide expert advice on government issues,
  • legislative change, policy formulation and collaborative effort. These include Finance, Human Resources, Governance and  Environment Transport & Infrastructure.
  • Having two Executive Board members on the Australian Local Government Association to advance the interests of local government nationally.
  • Collating information from members through surveys and emails.
  • Preparing high level submissions to Territory and Federal governments on current issues affecting local government.
  • Working at a national level with ALGA to lobby the Federal Government for benefits to local government in the NT such as the Roads to Recovery Program and other infrastructure programmes.
  • Ensuring inter-governmental liaison on specific issues of interest to our members.
  • Distributing a regular publication, LGANT News to all members and stakeholders.
  • Arranging representation on various NT committees e.g. Human Services Training Advisory Board, NT Grants Commission, Local Government Accounting Advisory Committee, Administration and Legislation Advisory Committee.
  • Arranging representation on national committees of interest to local government e.g. National Local Government Cultural Advisory Committee.
  • Distributing media releases and responding to issues through media interviews and published articles.
  • Consulting regularly through meetings with the Minister for Local Government to raise members concerns and lobby for benefits to members.


  • Actively researching and developing policy documents for key issues generated from members and from national and Territory initiatives.
  • Providing through a formal Memorandum of Understanding with the Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA), a no cost service in industrial relations, jobs points assessment, access to human resources service and accredited training courses.
  • Distributing a range of information products e.g. calendar, LGANT Directory, strategic plan, annual report, policy statements, EasyGrants Newsletter and Grants Information Service, Workplace Solutions Industrial Relations ALERTS, ALGA weekly newsletters and technical manuals.
  • Delivering elected member training and providing resources for potential candidates for local government elections.
  • Actively participating in national working parties e.g. award modernisation, development of local government training packages and women in local government.
  • Being on-call for advice and resource support in all local government areas including interpreting legislation, handling HR complaints and behavioural issues, CEO performance reviews, recruitment, code of conduct breaches, policy initiatives, federal program implementation and compliance.
  • Making available office facilities for members who visit Darwin.
  • Assisting members to project manage their initiatives particularly with infrastructure projects.
  • Managing specific local roads on behalf of some regional councils.
  • Providing advice and support for councils on sustainability, waste management and other environment issues.


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